Advanced education program in Aesthetic Medicine

ACAM's Advanced education program in Aesthetic Medicine is currently under review and no further candidates will be accepted until further notice.


The overall objective of the training program of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine is: To produce Medical Practitioners who are safe, skilled and competent in the management of all aspects of Aesthetic Medicine. Entry to the ACAM training program is open to registered Medical Practitioners.

All registered (in their country of residence) Medical Practitioners are welcome to enrol in the Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine. Candidates can access the Diploma training material via the online tutorials. The examination is held twice per year and are completed online.

The Advanced education program in Aesthetic Medicine Certificate is awarded after fulfil requirements below:

  1. 10 monthly tutorials online (plus separate Laser and Physics and Safety Course)
  2. Logbook of 100 cases (download the logbook template file)
  3. Written Examination MCQ Paper (to be completed ONLINE, twice per year)
    This paper consists of 100 multiple-choice questions (5 parts each- total of 500 questions) over a 2-hour period in true/false format.
  4. Viva Examinations
    The viva examinations are conducted approximately 4 weeks following the written exam. Only candidates who have successfully passed the written exam are invited to sit for the Viva exams. This will involve a 60-minute oral examination.
  5. Three-Day Clinical Workshop
    The workshops are held annually and provide practical experience in Cosmetic Medicine procedures.
  6. Clinical Experience
    The candidate should have two years fulltime (or part time equivalent) experience in Cosmetic Medicine. The doctor provides CV details. Two Medical References are required of Cosmetic Medicine Experience.

    Doctors who fulfil the criteria above maybe eligible to apply for Fellowship with the College. Please click here for more information.

    * NOTE: Examinations are held annually. Applicant must be a current full member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine.


Fees AUD $6,600 (inc GST and non-refundable) payable on acceptance to the program.

The tutorial series in Advanced Education in Aesthetic Medicine is RACGP accredited for the 2020-2022 trienniumActivity Number number 232140