Advanced education program in Aesthetic Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Tutorials are online. The 3 day workshop is held annually in Australia, usually around the time of the Conference in November each year.

We have a broad definition of clinical experience to reflect the broad nature of cosmetic medicine; experience is not provided by ACAM and need to be sourced by you. Examples of procedures considered cosmetic medicine include dermal fillers, Botox and laser procedures.

The costs cover all the Advanced education program in Aesthetic Medicine including the 3 day Introduction to Cosmetic Medicine held annually and there is no time limitations. However, membership in ACAM remains to be current to access the online tutorials.

In Australia there is no requirement to get a license to practice aesthetic medicine. The Advanced uducation program in Aesthetic Medicine is to demonstrate that you have the knowledge to practice Aesthetic Medicine.

The logbook and 100 cases and 2 years experience needs to be sourced by yourself. At the present time ACAM does not offer preceptorships. However, you can access the tutorials and attend workshop and sit for the written examination prior to having the clinical experience.

Download the log book template here

This website has a list of Fellows of the college that have fulfilled the criteria for fellowship.

There is no time limit to sit the exams. However, to maintain access to the tutorials, you need to keep your membership with ACAM current. You can enrol in the program any time in the year. Examinations are held annually.

Clinical experience can be in any country and you will need to source that yourself. The ACAM does not provide preceptorship at this stage.

Yes. There is no clinical experience required to sit for the written examination but 2 years full time equivalent and a logbook of 100 cases and 2 written references are required to proceed to the Viva examination.