Continuing Professional Development

The Board is committed to ensuring that Fellows of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) maintain high standards and high levels of professional development through the Continuing Professional Development Program. The program will be triennial, commencing in January 2013 and concluding December 31st, 2015. The aim of the program is to assist Australian ACAM Fellows in a range of ongoing educational activities, which maintain clinical standards once Fellowship has been attained, to maintain and improve the quality of care that is given to patients and to promote the highest possible standards of care to the community. Fellows are required to gain 120 points in accredited activities over a three year period.

Area Activity Points Points per Triennium
Medical Education Meetings and Conferences 3/hour  
  Conferences, Workshops and Seminars run by ACAM educators 5/hour  
  Journal Reading-Dermatologic Surgery and other approved journals 2/hour  
  Practice-related CME 1/hour  
Teaching, Research, Presentations and Publications Teaching 2/hour  
  Presentations at conferences relevant to aesthetic medicine 60/hour   
  Research Publications   60
  Examination Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine   120
  QIP assessment of Cosmetic Practice   60
  Teaching of trainees in authorised teaching program   60
  Active participation in a working party that produces a 
position statement or other relevant document
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills

THE ACAM recognises that CPR skills are used infrequently and thus may diminish over time. The College’s CPD Program states the requirements for CPR training:

CPR training at a minimum 3 yearly.