About ACAM

The Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) is a professional organisation providing support, education and networking opportunities for Doctors and Allied Professionals throughout Australia and Internationally.

ACAM previously solely offered Fellowship accreditation to those who had broad and extensive experience and present significant professional achievements in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

ACAM was formed in May 2014, when it merged with the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine (ASCM), which was founded by Dr Sharron Phillipson in 2005. ASCM was well known for its educational programs such as the Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine and Certificate in Phlebology.

With the strengths of both ACAM and ASCM combined, this merger benefited its members in many ways increasing resources, value and providing an important voice in establishing standards of the profession. It is the most well recognised representative body for Aesthetic Medicine in Australia with a strong and ever growing presence internationally.

With its growing membership and increasing Fellowship body, the College provides comprehensive and ever expanding educational programs for its members through online tutorials, examinations and preceptorship.

ACAM is committed to establishing and maintaining a high standard of practice through training opportunities and continued professional development.


The College is committed to the following strategic objectives:

  1. To promote the education of college members and other persons directly associated with Laser and Aesthetic Medicine activities, and of the general public concerning endeavors particular to the profession of Aesthetic Medicine.
  2. To promote the advancement of Aesthetic Medicine by providing a forum for expression of professional opinion on Aesthetic Medicine activities.
  3. To promote technical advancement by providing for professional education through lectures, displays and presentations and by the exchange of information to assist the development of Aesthetic Medicine.
  4. To promote sound Aesthetic Medicine practice and integrity.
  5. To broaden professional relationships among members and to maintain and increase the prestige, standing and influence of Aesthetic Medicine.
  6. To co-operate with any like Associations and other bodies as the Committee may decide.

The College’s vision is to enhance the services provided through leadership in high quality Aesthetic Medicine by promoting sound Aesthetic Medicine practice and integrity and to broaden professional relationships among members and to maintain and increase the prestige, standing and influence of Aesthetic Medicine.


Members of ACAM are part of a collegiate network of Doctor’s across Australasia, and have access to resources, programs and events that ensure the highest standard of practice in Aesthetic Medicine.