Robbery in Burleigh Heads

Our clinic in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast was broken into on New Yearís Eve, great timing for the start of the year. Our cosmetic clinic is a separate premises but connected to a general practice by a locked inter -leading door. The crooks got into the general practice first where they made a mess , tipped out wheelie bins which were later used to move stolen goods , and smashed down the inter-leading door. They obviously knew where they were going and what they wanted as they were quite selective in what they stole. They didnít steal anything from the general practice, except the wheelie bins, but made up for it from the cosmetic clinic . They took a large amount of Botox and Juvederm, Rationelle cosmoceuticals and Youngblood makeup. They also took a Syneron Emax and a Syneron Aurora IPl machine. Of interest they didnít take my copper bromide laser , which makes me think who is planning to use the stuff. They must have previously been in our clinic to know what we had and where everything is , so it is a bit unsettling to think that it is probably someone we have treated! We are certain that no staff member could be involved.

The police have not been terribly helpful .A very alert passer by walking his dog at the time who thought it a bit suspicious that guys were loading wheelie bins into a ute at 9.30 pm on new yearís eve, noted the uteís rego. Through this lead the police have finally caught someone, but the only thing they volunteered is that he has sold the goods to bikies , and that there is zero chance of retrieving anything. One has to wonder if we now are going to be in competition with bikies for the cosmetic dollar?? The police are certain it was a robbery to order.

We are now dealing with insurance which is a nightmare, they are now disputing our story as the police report doesnít mention a witness !!

The only thought is that we should have had better security, (we have never had a robbery in 18 years in the same location), and check that you are adequately insured. I have never heard of a cosmetic clinic been targeted for itís equipment and stock , so hopefully this has been a one off random robbery.


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