What is a Fellow?

Fellowship of the College certifies professional competence in Aesthetic Medicine according to the College’s prescribed standards.  This is the highest membership category awarded in the College. It is a significant professional achievement and is awarded by the College to those individuals who have demonstrated to their peers that they have the knowledge, attitudes, conceptual and communication skills to be recognised in the Aesthetic Medicine field.

Become a Fellow

In 2021 the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) will introduce two new fellowship pathways, with the third program to be offered in early 2022.   ACAM recognises that in place of an accredited and AMC recognised training program, qualifications, (quality, quantity and type) are not sanctioned. Given the unregulated nature of the aesthetic medicine profession, with no minimum educational requirements, ACAM would encourage practitioners to join and take part in one of the three fellowship pathways administered by ACAM. 

Recognising medical practitioners as adult learners, ACAM has designed three fellowship pathways; two are designed for medical practitioners who have experience within the aesthetic medicine profession, and one for those with recognised minimal experience who would like to enter the field of aesthetic medicine.  Each fellowship pathway is unique; there are, however, some commonalities between them.  These skills highlight the minimum expected skill base ACAM identifies as required to provide aesthetic services and educational standards expected of fellows.  Where possible the pathways are recognised for CPD points by ACAM, RACGP and ACRRM.

 ACAM Fellowship Pathways

Pathway I             ACAM Fellowship by ACAM Educational Pathway

Pathway II           ACAM Fellowship by Academic Pathway

Pathway III         ACAM Fellowship by Practice Based Assessment

Fellowship pathways II and III are designed for practitioners who can demonstrate practical experience:

    • Have a minimum of three years cosmetic/aesthetic medicine experience, (or its part-time equivalent pro rata);
    • At least one year of which aesthetic medicine experience gained within Australia;
    • Be active in aesthetic medicine within Australia (i.e. in current practice).

ACAM Fellowship by Practice Based Assessment (PBA) (Pathway III) offers continuous enrolment for those practitioners who wish to complete this pathway.  ACAM Fellowship by Academic Pathway (Pathway II) will be launched in early 2022.

ACAM Educational Pathway (Pathway I) is designed for doctors who would like to enter the field of aesthetic medicine and have minimal or no experience in aesthetic medicine.  This pathway offers the continuous enrolment option.  It has been designed to allow maximum educational flexibility, and to make the most of online learning platforms to allow studying at your convenience. Candidates that enter the ACAM Fellowship program by ACAM

Educational Pathway will be required to complete the ACAM Introduction to Cosmetic Medicine Workshop.  You will be automatically enrolled in the workshop by the course administrator; your enrolment in the clinical workshop is timed to ensure that all criteria for the pathway are completed by your two year completion date (from your enrolment).

ACAM Fellowship Equivalence Recognition Program

ACAM awards equivalence fellowship to current Fellows of another medical or surgical College recognized by the Australian Medical Council or the New Zealand Medical Council or international equivalent; or are doctors with significant experience in the field of Aesthetic Medicine who have been invited by the ACAM Board to apply for Fellowship*;

*Definition of ‘significant experience'

      1. Be a past or present holder of high office in his/her College or Academy;
      2. Have made a contribution of international significance to cosmetic medicine;
      3. Made a significant contribution to the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine;
      4. And ACAM reserves the right to offer Fellowship of the College in exceptional circumstances to doctors who have made a highly significant contribution to the field of Aesthetic Medicine, but who may not have fulfilled all three of the criteria listed above.

Steps to Enrolling in an ACAM Fellowship Pathway

    1. ACAM fellowship Pathways are open to financial Members of ACAM.  To become a member of ACAM refer here. Incomplete information will delay your application.
    2. Members are granted access to the Member’s Portal, log on and locate Fellowship Programs, review the information concerning the fellowship programs;
    3. Click the link of the program of your choice, and complete the application process, paying the application fee.  Incomplete information will delay your application.
    4. Once your application for fellowship is accepted, you have two weeks to finalise your account via the Member’s Portal. Your program will be started from the date of fee payment. You will be provided with your access as practically possible.
As a Fellow

As a Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine you also agree to:

  • At your own cost maintain appropriate professional indemnity insurance.
  • Comply with all legal requirements pertaining to your practice as a consultant Doctor and to conform to the general standards required by all relevant regulatory bodies and the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM).
  • Ensure at all times that you are duly licensed and registered and properly qualified to perform his/her duties as a consultant Medical Practitioner including, without limitation, ensuring at all times that he/she is a “medical practitioner” within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act (1973) (“HIA”).
  • Act honestly in the relationship with ACAM and comply with all reasonable rules and regulations which have been or may hereafter be established by ACAM.
  • Be familiar with the aims and objectives of ACAM and provide support and participate actively with continuing education in Aesthetic Medicine.
  • Commit to the profession with involvement in continuing professional development.

For further information concerning membership enrolment process, please contact Ms Purich secretary@acam.org.au